Paddling in Western Australia

There are very few rivers in WA that we haven't paddled. In addition, there's plenty of great beaches for surfing. Particularly popular with club members are the Murray River near Dwellingup (around 1.5hrs south of Perth), the Avon River (home of the mighty Avon Descent!), the Collie River (2.5hrs south), Penguin Island (40mins) and the Blackwood River (3hrs south). For information about different places to go paddling, check out these pages: Paddle West Oz and Canoeing in Western Australia - Where to paddle

Paddling with the Outdoor Club

The club has a fleet of 16 boats, ranging from whitewater playboats through to sea kayaks and pretty much everything in between. Flatwater paddling on the Swan River is a great way to get into paddling, before venturing out into the surf at the beach or the whitewater of the rivers. As with all club activities and trips, everybody is responsible for helping out with the organising - it's not up to one individual or group of people.

Paddling on the Swan River (great for relaxing evenings, developing skills etc) is completely free for members of the club. Due to the level of usage by club members, the sheer nature of the club, insurance reasons etc, we're not in a position of to hire out club gear to the general public. For general hiring out of gear, organised tours etc, we'd encourage you to contact Main Peak Paddlesports in Cottesloe.


Safety is of paramount importance to the Outdoor Club. It is for this reason that the Club has internal safety protocols, skill levels and safety equipment. Prior to hitting the water, we'd encourage you to become familiar with the different skill levels in the club and the safety principles outlined in the Safety Code of Australian Canoeing, follow this link. Attitude, experience and judgement are all critical elements of a) having fun b) trying new stuff and c) most importantly, coming home safely As with all outdoor adventure activities, there are potential dangers and risks which need to be carefully managed. By failing to properly consider the risk involved, you potentially endanger your life and even more seriously the lives of others If you have any concerns at all whilst on the water, please discuss them with the paddling instructor/trip leader.


The club has an extensive fleet of paddlecraft ranging from whitewater playboats right through to sea kayaks - there's boats for all skill levels and conditions. If you're looking for great gear and ideas for yourself, have a chat to the guys at Main Peak Paddlesports in Cottesloe. If you're coming for a paddle with the club, be prepared to get wet!! You'll need to bring bathers/clothes for out on the water (thermals are perfect for keeping you warm whilst wet) plus suncream, hat, food, water, towel and warm dry clothes for afterwards. For paddling trips, you'll be greatly appreciated if you can bring a car with roof-racks

Skill levels

For reasons of safety, skill development and enjoyment, the Club has different skill levels. They are not intended to be overly restrictive but rather make sure that people have the necessary skills to come home safely and have a great time. Paddling can be dangerous and the club has an obligation to ensure that people are exposed to ?reasonable? levels of risk and that people are aware of the risks that they are being exposed to.

  • Flat Water Skills Table
  • Moving Water Skills Table

Further info

Any upcoming trips are announced via our email mailing list.

For further information, send an email to our Paddling Officer - see our list of club contacts.