Rock Climbing

Indoor climbing is a great way to develop your climbing skills and confidence before going on an outdoor climbing trip. Before climbing at any gym you will be taken through all of the safety information and techniques by one of the trained staff. You will then be free to climb or attempt any of the top-rope climbs set up. Climbing gyms enable you to develop your skills at your own pace with colour coded climbs ranging from very easy climbs which have lots nice large holds and get you used to being 10m off the ground and able to trust your harness and belay partner; right up to very difficult climbs with finger and toenail sized holds which are a little more sparsely arranged. One of the great things about indoor rock-climbing is that it doesn't matter what level you start at, everyone down on the ground knows what it's like to climb your first '12' followed a few weeks later by your first '15', or to finally get to the top of a climb that's been bugging you for weeks. On top of all of that it's a great workout!!!!

Regular Climbing Nights

Where do we go?

Around Perth

More than a day trip

Many of our members then move on to crags further away. Places where outdoor club members and ex-members have been spotted include;

What does it cost?

Weekly climbing sessions in the gym currently only cost $10 due to discounted student entry at City Summit and being able to make use of our gear stockpile, dirt cheap! Day trips and longer weekends away we don't charge for, however people take on the costs of supporting themselves, (fuel, food accommodation et cetera)

Skill Levels

With the obvious dangers involved in rock climbing, the Outdoor Club has a responsibility to ensure the skill levels are rigorous. With these dangers, our training needs to be thorough, with a strong focus on safety. With the right attitude, and a little bit of work, you can achieve the level you want, and learn to conquer the crags yourself.

What gear do I need?

All beginner harnesses, ropes, climbing shoes, helmets and set up gear are available from the club.  On a day trip you will need to take a hearty lunch (climbing is hard work), water (2L minimum), sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, any medication you may need, a pinch of patience (it may take the trip leaders a while to set up, but they need your patience as it's your lives in their hands), comfortable walking/hiking shoes, and a jumper (you may well be walking out in the late afternoon-evening).

Further info

Any upcoming trips are announced via our email mailing list.

For further information, send an email to our Climbing Officer - see our list of club contacts.