Committee 2013

Post date: Mar 27, 2013 6:44:58 AM

Our AGM the other week was a huge success. Lots of kayaking, climbing, slack-lining and playing around. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to be on the committee this year. It’s looking to be a great year.

Here is the Outdoor Club committee for 2013:

President: Wil Gregory

Vice-president: Robert McLaughlin

Treasurer: Camden Watts

Secretary: Katie Vander Donk

Paddling Officer: Ellen Barker

Climbing Officer: Clive Cullen

Hiking Officer Craig Heal

Mountain Biking Officer: Jérôme Chopard

Adventure Racing Officer: Denisse Fierro

Equipment Officer: James Gralton

Windsurfing Officer: Rama Chidambaram

Webmaster: Victor Perez

Memberships Officer: Daniel Alway

Student Rep: Rachel Chapman

General Committee Members:

- Bruno Buzatto

- Cameron Wallace

- Aparna Ramesh

- Heidi Nistelberger

- Stephen Robinson

- Andrew Pomeroy

Remember that you don’t need to be on the committee to organize a trip – anyone can organize to do things! But if you would like some help in getting things organized, then the committee members are here to help you.

And a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who was on the committee last. You really

helped to make it a fun year.

Robert McLaughlin

Vice-president, UWA Outdoor CLub