2018 AGM Results

Post date: Mar 26, 2018 1:18:54 AM

Dear Outdoor Club Members,

Thank you to everyone who attended our club’s AGM on Saturday. We had a successful AGM with so many activities going on! This included a hike, distance paddle, beginner kayaking, SUP’ing and windsurfing. Without our volunteer instructors these activities would not be possible so I would like to extend a big thank you to all our instructors in the Outdoor Club for their continued support and time.

At midday we held our AGM where the new Outdoor Club committee for 2018 was elected! It gives me great pleasure to introduce and congratulate our newly elected committee:

Furthermore, on behalf of the Outdoor Club and its members I would like to thank our committee members that have served for the past year or more and have stepped down from the committee. A special thanks to Bruno Buzatto, Daniel McLeod, Leila Folland, Kate Harbone and Camilla Piggott for all their hard work and commitment over the past two or more years. And to Hamish Macpherson, Ellen Williams, Alice Mason and Craig Heal for working alongside us for the past year.

Lastly, as the new committee has been elected you will soon be hearing from our new president, Addison Ong, writing to you from odc.pres@gmail.com. I look forward to seeing what the new committee has planned for the future of the Outdoor Club!

Yours in happiest of adventures,

Rachel Skellett