Mountain Biking

There are some great mountain biking spots in, around and out of Perth. Mountain Biking within the Outdoors Club involves friendly organised rides and picnics, individaul and team entries in local endurance races and adventure races, team entries in fun road rides such as the Great Perth Bike Ride and social road cycling within the city.

Mountain Biking

Below are some of the popular Mountain Bike trails in the South West.

City Cycling

Perth has some outstanding bike paths accessing some of the most picturesque areas of the city. Many of these are ideal for a mid-week or weekend ride to build up your fitness and stamina so that you?re ready to hit some of the off road tracks. Suggestions:

  1. The Bridges (15km): Starting at UWA Recreation Centre follow the bikepath along the river to the Narrows Bridge. Continue on the Causeway and then loop back along the South Perth foreshore to the Narrows and back to UWA.
  2. Swan River (42km): Starting at UWA Recreation Centre follow the bike path along the river to the Narrows Bridge. Cross the Bridge and follow the bikepath along the Kwinana Freeway to Canning Bridge. Cross the River ath the bridge and continue to follow the bikepath to Point Walter. This is a great place for a coffee/lunch break. Continue to follow the path along the river. From Blackwall Reach to Riverside Drive the path follows the road. Whenever in doubt stay close to the river. This will ensure that you end up in East Fremantle and on Riverside Drive where you will pick up the path again. Cross the river at either Stirling Bridge or Fremantle Bridge. From the base of Stirling Bridge, take the bike path to the base of Johannah Street. At the end of Johannah St, turn right into John Street and then left into Turton Street. Follow through to Rule Street which will take you back to the bike path at the lookout overlooking Rocky Bay. When you go past Blackwall Reach, the path reenters the street following Riverside Drive (Mosman Park), Caporn St, Bateman St and Wellington St. The pathway picks up again at Owston Street going down to Masman Tea Rooms. Follow riverside streets to Iris Avenue in Dalkieth. Carry your bike down the stairs to river level and follow the path back to UWA. Total Distance = 42 km
  3. Canning River (40km): UWA-Narrows ? Canning Bridge (See Swan River Ride above). Continue to follow the Freeway to Mt Henry Bridge. Go under the bridge tunnel and then cross along the bikepath on the underside of the freeway. Turn left on the Southern side of the bridge following The Esplanade, Pulo Rd and Leach Hwy. At Bull Creek Road turn left back toward the river and pick up the bike path on Riverton Drive. Follow the river to Shelly Bridge. You can then either return the way you came along the river or via Leach Highway. When you get back to Mt Henry Bridge cross underneath and follow the Western Bank of the river to Deep Water Point Caf? and Kiosk. Cross back over the river at Canning Bridge and then return to UWA via the Narrows.
  4. Upper Swan (19-41km): UWA-Narrows-Causeway. The pathway continues on either side of the river right up to Redcliffe Bridge/Tonkin Highway with several turn around points at Goongoonup Bridge and Garrat Bridge.
  5. North Fremantle-Iluka (16-37km): Catch the Train to North Fremantle, ride down to the coast and follow the bikepath north past Cottesloe along Marine Parade. The path leaves the beach at Swanbourne and follows Odern Corner, Clement St, Allen Park, Sayer St, Jameson St, Swansea St, Greenville St and West Coast Highway. Just after Roachdale Rd, the path veers away from the highway back to the beach and up to City Beach. From there the path follows the beach all the way to Iluka. At any point along the way you can follow one of the main roads going away from the beach to the Mitchell Freeway where you can catch the Joondalup Train back to Perth. Each of these exit routes will add approximately 5km to the total trip. You may also ride to Fremantle along the river (See ?Swan River Ride above, Add 20km), or along the bike path on the Fremantle Train Line (Add 12km).

Further info

Any upcoming trips are announced via our email mailing list.

For further information, send an email to our Mountain Biking Officer - see our list of club contacts.