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AGM 2017 results

posted 3 Apr 2017, 19:32 by pres ODC
Hi Everyone,

Last Sunday we had a very successful AGM, with plenty of activities in the morning (2 playboat sessions, 1 sea-kayak paddle, 2 SUP sessions, a climbing session, a beginner windsurfing sessions and a hike!), and I estimate that ~80 people were out doing one of these activities with us. Afterwards we had around 60 people attending our BBQ and playing volleyball, slacklining, and just generally chilling out together by the foreshore. So I wanted to send a huge thanks to all our volunteer instructors that made it all possible, and organised all these great sessions.

We then held the AGM and voted the new committee in. A few committee members stayed in their positions, some others moved positions (like me :P), and some members stepped down whereas new committed members were elected to their positions. So I'd like to thank the enthusiasm and initiative of everyone that nominated for positions, and congratulate the newly elected committee:

President Rachel Skellett
Vice-President Bruno Buzatto
Secretary Dan McLeod
Treasurer Matt Conner
Graduate Representative Leila Folland
Memberships Officer Kate Harborne
Equipment Officer Connor Teophil
Paddling Officer Camilla Piggott
Climbing Officer Hamish Mcpherson
Student Representative Ellen Williams
Windsurfing Officer Zaquan Alizan
Hiking Officer Logan Tan
Social Officer Siyi Liu
SUP Officer David Rees
General member Craig Heal
General member Robin Fletcher
General member Alice Mason

Finally, I'd like to thank the committee members that served for the last year (or more than that) and stepped down from the committee on this AGM, and special thanks to the amazing Unna Chidambaram, David Kirk, Meg Trew, Aaron Girard and Ellen Barker, who have been very active and extremely valuable members of the committee and will be dearly missed in the meetings ;) I hope we still see you guys around in our outdoorsy activities :)

Now that the new committee has been elected, the handovers are being organised, and soon you will be hearing from the new president, Rachel, writing to you from I am moving to VP and will be organising events and announcing them from my personal email account through the mailings list, so you didn't quite get rid of me 100% yet ;)