The club has a significant collection of equipment available for use by it's members. If you need to borrow some gear for a club trip, send the Equipment Officer an email. As with everything in the club, it is run by volunteers from the committee - please help ensure they have time to enjoy the outdoors too. 

Please see below to get an indication of some of our inventory (correct at 18/12/2012):

Camping / Hiking
    2 x Wilderness Equipment ishadow tents
    1 x Oztrail 3 man tent
    1 x large tent
    1 x DMH Derwent hiking tent
Hiking packs:
    7 x Wilderness Equipment S/M
    1 x Wilderness Equipment M
    1 x Wilderness Equipment Breakout M
    1 x Wilderness Equipment Breakout L
    1 x Wilderness Equipment Expedition L
Hiking Equipment:
    2 x Map cases
    3 x Compasses
    3 x Trangia Stoves
    3 x Fuel Bottles
Maps and Guidebooks:
    Bibbulmun Track and Stirling Ranges Guide Books
    Various maps of the Perth and South West regions
Safety Equipment:
   1 x  PLB (Personal Locator Beacon)
    2 x Expedition first aid kits
    2 x Small first aid kits
Camping Equipment:
    5 x 20L water jerry cans
    2 x 10L water jerry cans
    4 x 20L fuel jerry cans
    Kitchen ware: pots, pans, cutlery, chopping boards, camp ovens etc
    Large tarpaulin
    4.5 kg gas bottle (no longer store onsite, please request)

Mountain Biking
    1 x Bike carrier (does not require a tow hitch)
    1 x Pannier rack and bag set

Kayaking equipment is reserved for club trips, so come along to a paddling session and use one of our kayaks. We have a large fleet of boats, covering everything from the very short play boats to the very long sea kayaks.
   12 x Expedition PFDs (Ultra Trek)
   10 x Bomber Spray decks
    Air bags
    Throw ropes
    1 x EPIRB
    1 x Flare Kit
    PFD lights

Where can I buy gear?
The club's principle sponsor is Mainpeak - located in Cottesloe, Perth city and Osborne Park. All club members get a 20% discount and free membership. Check out their website.